Welcome to Trinity Assembly of GOD

About Us


We live in a real world, with real people, and real problems. We are not elite group where no issues can be found; rather, we are a group of like-minded believers that share each others concerns. 


We try to be a light in our community with more than just worship services. We have a food pantry, children's classes, youth only groups, and adult discussion based teachings. We strive to reach all people in all places in life. Our heart is to reach our community with the compassion Jesus showed. 


We believe, accept, and practice the Acts accounts in our services. We are unashamed of our history and heritage. Not all of our church comes from a Pentecostal background; in fact, we have former Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, and other denomiations represented. We are lively, but we are not disorderly. We welcome you to join us and worship with us.