Trinity A/G believes in and practices fellowship among its adherants. Do not be surprised to have multiple people greet you with a handshake and a warm welcome. 


We are excited about what God had done for us and for who he is, so do not be surprised to see physical responses to that excitment. We openly raise our hands, vocally worship, you may even see tears or more. All is done to the glory of our Savior.


In Sunday School and Thursday Evening Bible Study we openly discuss the Word among the various classes. We dig into our studies, and most thoroughly enjoy them as a round table setting of learning.


Trinity A/G has been blessed to have multiple ethnic groups represented. We not only welcome this, but a pleased that a world that struggles with division can find unity in the Lord Jesus.


We are a fairly well-balanced church on age brackets. A healthy church will be niether all elders or all youth, from children to seniors our congregation worships together, and God has blessed us to do so.

Real People

We are not super-spiritual elites that look down on common people and their problems. We are real people with real lives. We have no elite personalities that have forgotten compassion. We strive to love as Christ our Savior loved.